We snap “pics” everyday, allowing others a glimpse into our lives.

But we are limited to capturing them through stills.

Videos are just too difficult to create in the moment!



Whenever you

snap a photo

it immediately


into a video

Unfiltered / Authentic / Effortless

How Takes Works

1-click video capturing technology

While taking a picture
Takes continuously
records raw video


One tap to capture,
just like a regular


By analyzing the
camera motions, Takes
discards bad video


The result is a short
video of the captured


Watch us on Takes

Takes is the perfect app for capturing and sharing life's everyday moments as we live them. So we figured what better way to launch Takes than to invite some of social media's most interesting and influencial personalities to share their lives using the app. These 12 unique individuals will use Takes to capture and share moments that embody who they are, what they do and what they're passionate about.

Follow their journey by downloading takes

and following the stream #LivingOnline

Enjoy the journey!

Meet Eric Andries

A truck enthusiast from Baton Rouge, LA, founder of SouthernTrucks™, and proud American

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Meet Mary Miranda

A Cuban-born singer inspired by the late, great, Selena; Season 4 contestant on The Voice

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Meet Brian Miller

An internationally decorated yoga master based in Montreal, pushing the limits of physics

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Meet Cory Crawford

A devout Christian living in the Northwest, sharing the word of Jesus Christ and making the world a better place

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Meet Dianne Fu

An Olympic Weightliftig Coach and mentor, spreading Olympic goodwill worldwide

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Meet Gareth Pon

A contemporary Culturalist and filmmaker, changing the world one broken record at time

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Meet Paulo DelValle

A professional adventurer traveling the world and activist for Charity Water

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Meet Caitlin Turner

A fitness aficionado and host of Yoga Bliss on The Indonesia Channel, inspiring those around me to pursue their passions

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Meet Angeliki Jackson

A visual artist, cook, designer and type enthusiast capturing the life of the city

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Meet Jazzy Joyce

A world-renowned female DJ and producer, pioneer and Living Legend, mixing beats that make the world dance

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Meet Claire Diaz Ortiz

A globetrotter, Head of Social Innovation at Twitter, Fast Company Top 100 most creative people in Business and author of best-seller, Twitter for Good

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Meet Jessica Kraus

A suburban housewife with a penchant for old folk songs, late nights and long car rides

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Meet Marianne Hope

A Norwegian photographer and frequent traveler living in Holland; founder of @seemycity

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Meet Luis Pons

A New York City based Ballet Photographer always at the center of the stage

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